Computer Science COMP-547B
Cryptography and Data Security

Winter 2015,
Schedule: Tuesday-Thursday 13:00-14:30 ENGTR 1100

Instructor: Prof. Claude Crépeau

T.A.: Javona White Bear

Office Hours:
Claude : Wednesday 13:00-16:00, McConnell 110N.
Javona: Tuesdays 14:30-16:30 , McConnell 235.


HW #1 (21 Jan. 2015) (Pdf format) Due Tuesday Feb 3rd 2015 via e-mail

-- "estpremier" code (25 sep. 2011) (txt format)

-- HINT sheet (25 sep. 2011) (pdf format)


Cameron wants Obama to take stand regarding Crypto-war

Course Outline (8 Jan 2015)

SLIDES:Course Summary PART I (Lecture 1) (8 Jan. 2015)(Pdf format)

SLIDES: Course Summary PART II (Lecture 2) (8 Jan. 2015) (Pdf format)

SLIDES: Course notes (chap. 1 Number Theory, chap. 2 Finite Fields) (UPDATED 12 Jan. 2015) (Pdf format)

-- MAPLE examples related to (chap. 1 Number Theory) (7 sep. 2006) (txt format)

-- MAPLE examples related to (chap. 2 Finite Fields) (20 sep. 2006) (txt format)

-- the RSA factoring challenge (20 sep. 2006) (HTML format)

-- various recent results of discrete log extrations (20 sep. 2006) (rtf format)

-- Victor Shoup's Book section on the AKS deterministic primality test (21 sep. 2006) (JUMP TO CHAP.22) (Pdf format)

SLIDES: Book (chap. 1 classical cryptography) (UPDATED 26 Jan 2015, 21:30) (Pdf format)

MOVIE: Historical Cryptography ((VERY BIG) AVI format)


SLIDES: Book (chap. 2 perfect security) (UPDATED 29 January 2014, 14:30) (Pdf format)

SLIDES: Book (chap. 3 Private-Key Encryption & Pseudorandomness) (UPDATED 30 Jan. 2014, 17:00) (Pdf format)

SLIDES: Book (chap. 5 Practical Constructions of Pseudorandom Permutations (Block Ciphers) ) (UPDATED 12 Feb. 2014, 14:00) (Pdf format)

SLIDES: Book (chap. 4 Message Authentication Codes and Collision-Resistant Hash Functions) (UPDATED 25 Feb 2014, 13:00) (Pdf format)

SLIDES: Book (chap. 9 Private-Key Management and the Public-Key Revolution) (25 Feb 2014) (Pdf format)

-- Ralph Merkle recounts how he invented public-key cryptography by himself in 1974…

-- Whitfield Diffie recounts the early years of public-key cryptography…

-- James H Ellis recounts the pre-history of public-key cryptography…

SLIDES: Book (chap. 10 Public-Key Encryption) (13 Mar. 2014) (Pdf format)

-- Discrete Log record !

SLIDES: Book (chap. 12 Digital Signature Schemes) (25 Mar. 2011) (Pdf format)

--SHA-3 winner announcement

--SHA-3 Description

SLIDES: Identification (26 Nov. 2011) (Pdf format)

SLIDES: Interactive proofs and Zero-Knowledge (1 Apr. 2014) (Pdf format)

SLIDES: Quantum Computing (1 Apr. 2014) (Pdf format)

SLIDES: Quantum Key Distribution (26 Nov. 2011) (Pdf format)

SLIDES: COURSE REVIEW (11 Apr 2013) (Pdf format)

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FINAL EXAM 1999 Ignore Q5.
FINAL EXAM 2000 Ignore Q2.
FINAL EXAM 2001 Ignore Q5 (b) & (c)
FINAL EXAM 2003 Ignore Q5 (c) & (d)
FINAL EXAM 2005 Ignore Q5 (b) & Q6.
FINAL EXAM 2006 Ignore Q1, Q5 & Q6.
FINAL EXAM 2007 Ignore Q1 & Q5.
FINAL EXAM 2008 Ignore Q2.
FINAL EXAM 2010 Ignore Q4.
FINAL EXAM 2011 Ignore Q5 iv).
FINAL EXAM 2013 Ignore Q6.

Description: (4 credits, 3 hours). This course presents an in-depth study of modern cryptography and data security. We investigate four important subjects of cryptography: data encryption, message authentication, user identification and key distribution. The basic information theoretic and computational security of classical and modern cryptographic systems are analysed. The course is self-contained and all necessary mathematical background will be explicitely covered.

Mandatory textbook:
Introduction to Modern Cryptography 2nd Edition , by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell.  
Chapman and Hall/CRC Press, Nov 2014.


Mandatory use of MAPLE :

Available labs with maple 16 installed : lab2-X, open-X, lab6-X, lab7-X, lab9-X, where X is from 1 to approximately 25.
Any student taking a cs course either has or can create a CS account.

useful books:


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