Computer Science 308-547A
Cryptography and Data Security

Autumn 2003, Schedule: MWF 13:35-14:25, Trottier Bldg 1080

WARNING Follow up course: 308-647B Advanced Cryptography
for those students interested to the advanced crypto course, we strongly recommend the introductory course on quantum computing available this term at Université de Montréal:
IFT6155 Informatique quantique, D-225 W 10h30-12h30, Z-209 Th 13h30-15h30

Course Summary PART I (Lecture 1) (Pdf format)

Course Summary PART II (Lecture 2) (Pdf format)

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Questions and Asnswers (Updated from time to time...)

Course notes (chap. 1 Number Theory, chap. 2 Finite Fields) (10 sep. 2003) (Pdf format)

Maple examples (chap. 1 Number Theory, Maple text format)

Maple examples (chap. 2 Finite Fields, Maple text format)

Course notes (chap. 3 Introduction to Cryptography, chap. 4 Authentication, chap. 5 Identification) (24 sep. 2003) (Pdf format)

Course notes (chap. 6 Information Theory, chap. 7 Pseudo-random bit generators, chap. 8 Pseudo-random functions generators) (17 oct. 2003) (Pdf format)

Course notes (chap. 9 modes of operation of bloc ciphers, chap. 10 DES) (21 nov. 2003) (Pdf format)

Course links : Advanced Encryption Standard

Course notes (chap. 11 Diffie-Hellman, chap. 12 RSA, chap. 13 Rabin and Blum-Goldwaser, chap. 14 El gammal) (21 nov. 2003) (Pdf format)

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