CS547 Cryptography and Data Security

Instructor: Prof. Claude Crépeau

Objectives: Discover how Alice may send a secret message to Bob that nobody else can understand, how he may be certain that this message came from Alice, how she can prove him a theorem with revealing anyhting about the proof (!), how they can flip a coin over the phone, how they can play a fair game of poker over the phone, how they can decide if their are a match without disclosing they selection criteria to each other, and how other similar security tasks may be achieved using cryptography.

Course outline:

There will be 6 homework assigments worth 60% of your final grade and a final exman worth 40%.
Office Hours: Wednesday 9h00 - 12h00.

Office :
Room 109, McConnell Eng. Building
3480 University Street
phone: (514) 398-4716
email: crepeau@cs.mcgill.ca