CS547 Cryptography and Data Security

Instructor: Prof. Claude Crépeau

Office : Room 109, McConnell Eng. Building
3480 University Street
phone: (514) 398-4716
email: crepeau@cs.mcgill.ca

T.A.: Simon-Pierre Desrosiers

Office : Room 238, McConnell Eng. Building
3480 University Street
phone: (514) 398-7071 x0699
email: simonpie@cs.mcgill.ca

Office Hours:
Claude : Monday + Wednesday 10h00 - 12h00, McConnell 109.
Simon-Pierre : Monday + Wednesday 13h45 - 15h45, McConnell 235.

Description: (3 credits, 3 hours). This course presents an in-depth study of modern cryptography and data security. The basic information theoretic and computational properties of classical and modern cryptographic systems are presented, followed by a cryptanalytic examination of several important systems. We will study the application of cryptography to the security of electronic mail, timesharing systems, computer networks and data bases. We will end with an examination of current literature.

Objectives: Discover how Alice may send a secret message to Bob that nobody else can understand, how he may be certain that this message came from Alice, how she can prove him who she is with revealing anyhting about the proof (!) etc.

Mandatory textbook: Cryptography - Theory and Practice by Doug Stinson. CRC Press, Inc. ISBN 0-8493-8521-0

Evaluation: There will be 5 homework assigments worth 50% of your final grade and a final exam worth 50%.

Course outline: