Install WebEQ for Maple

To avoid delays while the Math Viewer applet downloads, install WebEQ for Maple. You will cache a copy of the MathML Viewer Java class files in your browser so any Web pages that use WebEQ for Maple will appear more quickly. The free archive installer download is around 500K. The MathML Viewer installation files are digitally signed to ensure that you are caching authentic, safe, and thoroughly tested software.
the right installer for your current browser. 

Alternatively, select one of the links below:

Internet Explorer 5 or higher

In all cases, restart your browser.

Netscape 4.x

We recommend Netscape 4.7.7 (or newer) as earlier versions of Netscape have some display problems with the applet. In all cases, restart your browser.

Once the installation is finished, verify that WebEQ for Maple is working properly by visiting this Test Page.

Go to the Uninstall Instructions if you wish to uninstall this applet from your browser.