Bellairs Research Inst.

Bellairs research institute is located on the west coast of the Island of Barbados in St-James Parish, a few miles north of Holetown. It has been owned by McGill University for a few decades and it is a very nice site to organize workshops. Print MAP to help find the site.


Searbourne House

view from seashore

Folkestone Beach

Folkestone museum

corail reef club entrance


Atlantic coast beach
The institute comprises
a few labs as well as
dormitories for roughly
18 people, two per rooms,
and plenty of green
space to sit, talk, and
work. There is also a
large dinning room
where lectures may
be organized. It is part
of the center building
on the picture next door.

The institute also
includes the Seabourne
House which is located
straight on the coast.
This is usually where
the organizer(s) and
familly live during the

Straight behind the house
is the Carabean sea.

Next door from McGill's
site is the Folkstone park
& marine reserve with
a nice beach.

Indeed when you arrive
by car, driving north from
Holetown, the Folkestone
park & reserve is the sign
that you are reaching
McGill's site.

When you pass the park
on your left you will see
a small road with sign
"Coral Reef Club Goods
Delivery Entrance". This
is Bellairs' entrance !!!
Don't miss it !

As you turn on this small
road you will find the
institute entrance on
your left hand side,
after passing a lab/office

If you are still hesitating
as whether you will join
us at the workshop,
take a look at the Atlantic
seashore, about an hour
drive from our side of the