The quantum computation package 
for Mathematica®  4.0

    QuCalc is a library of Mathematica functions whose purpose is to simulate quantum circuits and solve problems of quantum computation. The package has been developed by Paul Dumais of the Laboratory for Theoretical and Quantum Computing of Université de Montreal (also a member of the Crypto and Quantum Info Lab at McGill University).

    Features of QuCalc include:

    • Built-in definition of qubits, qutrits, density matrices;
    • Implementation of tensorial product, tensorial division;
    • Definition of the trace-out operation, ancillary systems;
    • Enables all sorts of operations: measures, superoperators, POVMs, etc.;
    • Numerical calculation of fidelity of mixed states, and von Neumann entropy.

    Files to download

    • Download the file "QuCalc.m" on your personal computer or in your Unix account, in the directory ".../Kernel". To know exactly where that directory is, type $Path in Mathematica.
    • Start Mathematica and load the QuCalc package by typing "<<QuCalc`".


    Errors or bugs found in QuCalc, in addition to questions or comments should be addressed to Paul Dumais

QuCalc may and must be distributed freely. It must
be distributed in its totality with the names of the
authors and its documentation.
Mathematica® is a registered trademark of
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        © Copyright 2000, Hugo Touchette et Paul Dumais,  McGill University